Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books: Angela Dominguez

I really enjoyed interviewing children’s author-illustrator Angela Dominguez about writing and illustrating children’s books and her newest picture book, Let’s Go, Hugo! Angela had wonderful advice for anyone interested in writing or illustrating children’s books, including these three titles that she recommends (Amazon affiliate links for these books): The Encyclopedia of Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books, Illustrating Children’s Books: Creating Pictures for Publication, and Writing Children’s Books.

Angela has two more books coming out soon: Santiago Stays and Maria Had a Little Llama. My kids and I really enjoyed Let’s Go, Hugo!, and we are looking forward to these new books as well! Be sure to check out Angela Dominguez’s site! You can also find Angela on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook!

This interview was especially fun for me because all three of my kids are very into drawing and writing stories.

tips for aspiring children's book authors and illustrators

Do you have an aspiring picture book author-illustrator? Would you like to write children’s books?


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    I have a story that I would love to write for my girls in my head about how our family was formed but I just can’t seem to get it from my head onto paper. I might take a look at some of those books Angela recommends.

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      That sounds like a great story! I don’t have any stories in my head at the moment, but I think I want to look at some of Angela’s books as well.

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    That was fantastic! Thanks MaryAnne and Angela! I love hearing about the children’s book business and this sound like a great book!!!


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