The Kiss Box Craft

The Kiss Box book craft

Emma made this darling little box after reading The Kiss Box at school. I was intrigued, so we borrowed the book from the library. It’s an absolutely charming new book (published in December 2011) about a little bear who exchanges kiss-filled boxes with his mother so that they won’t miss one another so much while they are apart. The illustrations are adorable, and I love this idea!

Kisses inside a box: helping children with separation anxiety

Emma filled her box with kisses, and now she has them with her always. I love that she came up with this craft all on her own – and executed it without any help from me! And if you’re looking for a book to help little ones cope with separation anxiety, this is definitely a story to read!


  1. says

    I love your daughter’s creativity! Kids can come up with some great things when given materials and time. Nice job, Mom! I’m sure she was very proud to see her work posted on your blog.

    • maryanne says

      I love the ownership they have over the projects when they come up with them on their own!

  2. says

    This sounds like such a sweet book. My Defne would love it :) I will look it up at the library.Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday :)


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