Three Baby Pumpkins and our Week :)

Halloween was definitely the focus of the week for the kids. Two events (one for Emma and one for Johnny and Lily) were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but one party and trick or treating was really enough for them anyhow. I am just grateful that we were on the fringe of that storm, instead […]

Sleep, Afterschool and Our Week

Sleep was a big focus of our afterschooling this week! My oldest was a very high-maintenance baby, sleep-wise, and as a result we’ve always had very involved bedtime routines. With four kids and Mike back to his usual travel schedule (he was gone last week and the week before, although home for both weekends), I’ve […]

Week in Review: Babywearing, Pi, and Horseback Riding

We enjoyed stunning autumn leaves in Massachusetts this week! Four-year-old Johnny especially enjoys running through them, and I love seeing them on the trees! Mike had a three-day weekend courtesy of Columbus Day, and we all enjoyed the extra time with him home! Two-month-old Anna is working on her tummy time skills, with varying levels […]

Afterschooling and the Quest for Supermom

There is a piece of me that wants to believe that, if I want it badly enough, I can be Supermom. Not Supermom with perfectly behaved kids and a clean house – I’m not that unrealistic – but Supermom who gets everything she wants done as well as everything she needs done. This week it […]

Three Kids in School!

This week I suddenly find myself the mother of three school-going children! Emma started first grade, and Johnny and Lily are both in preschool. All three kids were placed with teachers who seem to be perfect fits for their personalities, and they are very happy and excited about school so far! Johnny is so excited […]

Week in Review: Photography

Tip #1 to surviving your husband going out of town when your baby is 12 days old: take pictures. Then look at them once the kids are in bed to remember how gorgeous they are, and that moments like this are worth all the sleep deprivation in the universe: Let your kids take some pictures, […]

Week in Review: Family Time

I’m feeling very pampered this week! K played with the kids for much of this week, and on Friday she and my sister E took the kids to the New England Aquarium for the day while I slept (in a silent house!) and got some organizing done. K also put the kids to bed on […]

Feeling Grateful (Week in Review)

I had a truly wonderful week. My kids (led by six-year-old Emma) made me lots of presents to make me feel loved, and collected them all into an envelope, which they also wrapped up. Emma drew me a ladybug and listed things the kids love about me. Two-year-old Lily made me the purple mom and […]

Eating Outdoors and Weekly Update

We had quite a bit of sunshine this week, and spent as much time outside as possible! Mike got me a picnic table and umbrella for Mother’s Day, and we have been eating as many meals outdoors as possible. It makes for beautifully serene meals, with no floor to sweep up afterwards! The kids run […]

Making the most of Spring!

My big news this week is the launch of the Small Hands Creating Hope project! We have raised $435 so far for the American Cancer Society, and Emma is putting our copy of the book to good use, trying out all of the amazing crafts! Please share this project, and contribute if you can. Every […]