Learning Through Play with Spielgaben


I first wrote about Spielgaben educational toys about a year ago; I’m back today to write about the new, three-tray presentation that we were sent to review – it is the same product, but a new presentation, and extended curriculum. Even if you missed my post last year, followers on Instagram will recognize this toy. […]

Awesome Gifts for Kids Aged 0-7

One super fun thing about being a mom is that I get to shop for (and play with) toys! Christmas is a fairly simple affair in our house – one big family gift and then the kids draw names and each give one sibling a small gift – so I have to choose carefully! Here […]

A Puzzle that’s a Play Mat

I love multi-functional toys, and this 3D Cityscape by ALEX Toys that we were sent to review doubles as a play mat is a favorite in our house, inspiring hours of imaginative play! My kids and I have always loved big floor puzzles, and the 3D buildings add to the fun! I especially like that […]

Quality Construction Toys: Bionic Blox!

I’m a huge fan of quality educational toys, so I was thrilled when Bionic Blox reached out to see if I was interested in a review! They sent us their wonderful Architect kit, and all of my kids are smitten with this fantastic STEM construction toy! I love this toy, too – enough to happily […]

Pick and Draw Drawing Game Giveaway

Pick and Draw is a fun drawing game that I wrote about on Monday, and today you have a chance to win a copy of this game for your own family! My kids all love this simple, card-based drawing game – the pictures above were drawn by three-year-old Lily, and you can see pictures by […]

Window Art for Kids!

My kids really enjoyed making this cute window art using some new-for-2013 kits from ALEX toys! We were sent the Alex Super Window Sticker Art and Window Sticker Art - Zoom kits, and I see both kits getting a lot of use at our house! I’ve also added these to my recommended presents for kids list! Each […]

Exploring the VTech Innotab 2S

Our family loves learning and technology, so we were thrilled to get the opportunity to review the new VTech Innotab 2S! This solidly built tablet boasts plenty of memory, and Wi-Fi access so that you can download updates and new games without having to plug into a desktop. It also has a stand (see the […]

Neighborhood Toy Store Day!

Did you know that this Saturday is Neighborhood Toy Store Day? I love neighborhood toy stores because, let’s face it, you’re not going to run a small, local toy store unless you really like toys, and that means you probably know how to choose fantastic toys to sell! Local shops are great places to find […]

VTech Switch & Go Dinos and a Creative Competition for Kids

Johnny guards his “boy” identity fiercely in this family of nearly-all girls, and when I was offered a couple VTech Switch & Go Dinos to review, I knew that he would be absolutely thrilled! My four-year-old boy adores the idea of being tough, but violence frightens him. It’s extremely hard to find toys that feel […]

Tegu Building Fun

This week my kids had a blast testing out the new Tegu Explorer building set, which we received Tuesday in order to participate in their very-fast-paced summer building contest. We used the blocks to spell John, and Lily with a somewhat innovative “Y”: Emma was not interested in innovative “m”s, so we left it at […]