DIY Halloween Costumes: Three Butterflies

This was our first year of all DIY Halloween costumes – but probably not our last! I want costumes that are cute and comfortable, and that is hard to find (at least affordably) with commercial outfits! I knew I wanted to make these butterfly costumes for my girls as soon as I saw them on […]

How to Make a King Costume

I made four Halloween costumes yesterday! It’s amazing what can happen when Dad is around to hang out with the littles and take the kids on school runs! His new job doesn’t start until Friday, and we are all making the most of our days off with him! Johnny and I had a LOT of […]

How to Make a Felt Crown

It’s Halloween week, and at our house we are spending our after school time finishing up some last-minute costumes! I made this felt crown for Johnny first, because it is the simplest of my projects! It goes with his King costume. How to make a Felt Crown Making a felt crown is easy! Start with […]

The Importance of Creative Play

Creative play is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons that children need to have unstructured time built into their days. I would actually argue that everyone should have unstructured time built into their days, but children need it the most! When my kids (aged 7, 5, 4, and 1) are left to devise […]

Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Sticky Wall Play Scape

Last week was rainy, grey, and muggy. Sensory play and pretend play are my two favorite rainy day activities for kids, so I combined the two into this simple, imaginative, low-mess activity! We use (affiliate link) contact paper a lot in our house – to make sun catchers, wall art, wall mosaics, and to keep […]