Outdoor Games for Kids: Make a Collection

Sometimes my kids rush outside at the beginning of the day; other times they need a little prompting. Giving them an idea of something to do always helps, and making collections is a current favorite! They pulled the particular collection featured above together at a park we visited while we were staying in Utah. Once […]

Enjoying Nature: Triplet Fawns

The kids and I were delighted to see our three resident fawns eating and playing in our yard without the supervision of their much more cautious mother recently! I was happy to get a few pictures to remember them by, since we will soon be living somewhere much too densely populated for deer. The baby […]


For some reason, we have had more dragonflies in our yard this summer than ever before! We haven’t seen any like this orange one Ann saw at Doodles and Jots, but our dragonflies do pose the way hers did! I love seeing them perched on my garden posts – keeping watch over my plants! Dragonflies […]

Benefits of Walking to School (Learning Laboratory)

I’ve really prioritized walking to school this year! The weather has been incredibly cooperative so far, but it’s still an investment – I have to have all four kids ready to go a full forty minutes before school starts, instead of ten minutes before, then there’s the complaining about being tired/shoes hurting/being cold because they […]