Learning to Read With BOB Books


We own several sets of BOB Books, and they have played a strong role in my three older kids learning to read, so we were thrilled to review some of their new Kindle books (the same books you buy in print, but available for Kindle – links are affiliate links, and anything purchased through them […]

Personalized Reading Recommendations for Kids from Zoobean


My kids love reading and books, so I was thrilled when Zoobean offered me the opportunity to write a sponsored post about their personalized book subscription service for kids! Zoobean was started by a husband and wife team who met when they were both teaching 7th grade! They are parents and educators who are working […]

Loom Band Literacy

loom band literacy

Have your kids joined the loom band craze yet? My kids had to wait until 2014 to get their looms and bands, so we were a little late joining this trend, but seven-year-old Emma, six-year-old Johnny, and four-year-old Lily all enjoy making loom band bracelets! We also recently found another use or our loom boards: […]

Fun Activities for Classic Children’s Stories

fun activities for classic stories

This post includes affiliate links to a few of our favorite Paul Galdone illustrations of classic children’s stories. Items purchased through these links, whether they be the books or something else, may earn us a small commission. Thank you for supporting this blog! Have you heard of Paul Galdone? He takes classic children’s stories and […]

Raising Imaginative Kids: Lily Writes a Story


Four-year-old Lily has always had an incredible imagination, developing complex plots for her characters. Most of the time, I catch snippets of conversations as she moves her little people or animals around, or as she and Emma and Johnny role play. She had scribbled in this notebook for weeks, but one day I realized that […]

Five Literacy Tips for Parents

My approach to early literacy is inspired by the way I learned to read – and reinforced by the way my first three children have learned to read. It’s somewhat unconventional, but we have found it to be a very low-stress way for a child to learn to read – one that has worked very […]

Adventure Stories for Kids: Gannon and Wyatt

Seven-year-old Emma may come across as very calm and even sedate, but this girl loves adventure! Emma would like to travel the world, but we can’t do that right now, so I am always looking for exciting new books for her to travel through. The new middle-grade adventure series, Travels with Gannon & Wyatt, was […]

Learning About Bill Martin Jr


Bill Martin Jr. is this month’s Virtual Book Club author, and the kids and I enjoyed learning more about him! The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry is one of my favorite poetry collections for children, so it was neat to learn that Bill Martin Jr. learned to read thanks to a college poetry […]

Reading and Recording Books with the Sparkup Book Reader

Have you heard of Sparkup? This magical book reader allows you to record and listen to any book! We were sent a Sparkup device to try out, and we have really enjoyed using it! It is very easy to use – seven-year-old Emma has recorded a few books, and four-year-old Lily especially enjoys listening to […]

Learning Letters and Their Sounds: Get Ready for K Through Play

Learning letters and their sounds is the first step towards literacy for young children! Luckily, there are plenty of fun ways to teach kids to recognize the letters, as well as the sounds they make! Here are some of our favorites: Make letters part of daily life I learned the alphabet as a kid, because […]