Raising Kids Who Think


One of my primary parenting goals is to raise children who can think for themselves – about how the world works, and about the choices they want to make and why they want to make those choices. Kids who can think for themselves are more resistant to peer pressure, have better impulse control, and are […]

After School Fun for Kids: Classic Childhood Games


My kids have spent most of their free time this past week playing classic childhood games – tag, hide and go seek, digging in the sandbox, pretending they are at the beach by running around a local beach volleyball pit we like to visit when no adults are playing, and making all sorts of interesting […]

Loom Band Literacy

loom band literacy

Have your kids joined the loom band craze yet? My kids had to wait until 2014 to get their looms and bands, so we were a little late joining this trend, but seven-year-old Emma, six-year-old Johnny, and four-year-old Lily all enjoy making loom band bracelets! We also recently found another use or our loom boards: […]

Biology for Kids: An Afternoon with a Ladybug


The kids found our first ladybug of the year yesterday afternoon while we were out on a walk. They brought it home along with some rocks and clover that they used to build a little ladybug habitat. Then they spent a long time watching their ladybug crawl around – biology for kids at its finest! […]

Learning About Alpacas

I loved alpacas when my family lived in Bolivia! We would drive out on the Altiplano and see herds and herds of them. They were much gentler than llamas, and their wool was softer. Alpaca wool is soft like cashmere, warmer than sheep wool, hypo-allergenic (alpacas don’t produce lanolin the way sheep do), and very […]