LEGO Themed Birthday Party


Note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links to some products that we purchased to prepare for this LEGO themed birthday party. Purchasing items (any item, not just the one linked) may earn me a small commission at no cost to yourself. Thank you for supporting this blog! Johnny’s LEGO-themed sixth birthday party was so much […]

Exploring Patterns and Stamping with Cinnamon Play Dough

Four-year-old Lily has really been enjoying exploring textures and patterns with play dough recently! Simple tools like forks and knives make really neat designs, and she loves that she can make a design, squish it, and start all over with a brand new idea!   This week we made cinnamon play dough, which added a […]

Creative Play with Play Dough and Squinkies

My kids made this little squinky car out of play dough, along with a gazillion other accessories that are a little harder to identify! They dried this ship out, and now it’s a regular feature in their squinky play (which, for whatever reason also often features squinkies having to wait in line). Here is our […]

No-Mess Finger Paint for Kids!

This no-mess finger paint solution is a favorite in my house, as longtime readers know! I decided to introduce the other moms in my town to it through the craft series I’ve been running at our library instead of cleaning my house. Lily picked yellow and red, which turned out to be my favorite color […]

Make the Most of a Snowstorm with Kids

On Friday, we had a snowstorm – and, for once, I didn’t hear anyone in our town complaining that we should have had school anyhow! This is what it looked like, all day long! Snowfall estimates that I have heard range from 13.5 inches to 18 inches! The snow was too deep for the kids […]