Raising Kids Who Love Math


Happy Pi Day! To celebrate this fabulous number, I have decided to share some of my favorite ways to raise kids who love math. Many of them are from my own childhood – my mother taught math before leaving her career behind to raise ten children, and she has spent hours tutoring both her own […]

Plant Biology for Kids


I am a huge fan of teaching plant biology for kids – they have a natural fascination about the world around them, and they remember scientific terms easily. Spring is a great time to start gardening with kids, and you don’t have to wait for spring temperatures to get started! This post includes affiliate links to […]

World Culture for Kids: Kuwait

World Cultures Bakala

Today’s blog post about Kuwait comes from Christy at Wisdom. Knowledge. Joy. Christy is a former teacher and a mother of three – #3 is brand new! Drop by Christy’s blog for lots of fun learning posts, including these three: Counting by 2s: A visual kinesthetic activity, Popcorn Physics, and Science for Preschool Artists. Our […]

Kids and Pets: Looking After a Gecko


We watched a friend’s Crested Gecko for a couple weeks, and the kids really enjoyed having him in the house! I had expected the novelty of having a gecko as a pet to wear off, but with my kids they became more attached to “Gecky” as time went by – especially 18-month-old Anna! Learning about […]

World Culture for Kids: The Gold Coast in Queensland Australia


Today we are visiting the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! Post author Stacey is a stay at home mum of two energetic boys aged 7 and 9. Her blog, A Moment In Our World, is a journal of their homeschooling adventures! Stacey and her kids create lots of amazing things, they learn new things everyday […]