Enjoying Fall in California

We are enjoying crunchy fall leaves and mild weather in California, and getting ready for Halloween. The kids enjoyed carving pumpkins, although Johnny and Lily weren’t quite as into the degunking step as Emma! They also had multiple tea parties and discovered a great public sandbox, complete with water faucet! We are expecting around 200 […]

Learning Laboratory: A Costume to Make Tinkerbell Proud!

Emma crafted this Tinkerbell costume by taping the leaves of a plant from our yard together. It’s an outfit that Tinkerbell herself would be proud of! Here’s a close-up of one of the shoes: Learning Laboratory is a space to share the fun, creative, hands-on learning that happens in everyday life. Here are a few […]

Little Red Riding Hood Costume: Afterschool Fun!

Emma has enjoyed studying various versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story with her wonderful first grade teacher, and she has been telling me for weeks that she wants a Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween this year! We made her riding hood out of fleece (it’s cold at Halloween in Massachusetts!) using […]

Fun Halloween Activity for Kids: Self-Inflating Ghost Balloons!

My kids LOVED this fun science-based Halloween activity that we came up with! It’s very simple, too – all you need is a water bottle, balloon, Sharpie pen, vinegar, and baking soda! Draw a ghost face on the balloon, and fill it with about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda. Fill the water bottle with about […]