Setting Goals Month by Month: April 2014

April goals 2014

March was a funny combination of incredible weather and all the colds we somehow managed to escape (for the most part, at least) earlier in the year. Everyone is mostly healthy now, and it is definitely easier to be sick when the sun is shining and temperatures are in the 70s than when there is […]

Setting Goals Month by Month: March 2014


Spring comes early in California! February flew by, and so did my memories of just how cold it gets in Massachusetts, although I do miss the beautiful freshly-fallen snow. I did all right with the February goals I set, although – as usual – life had some surprises in store and I didn’t quite get […]

Setting Goals for February 2014

monthlygoals FEBRUARY

January flew by in our house – I can’t believe it’s already time to set goals for February! A lot of time was spent with doctor’s appointments for Anna, who had to endure an MRI and several other appointments on top of her regular physical therapy. Her MRI did show some irregularities that could be […]

Setting Goals for 2014!

Longtime readers know that I adore setting monthly goals, so I’m excited to announce that in 2014 I’ll be hosting an official monthly goal linky with nine other bloggers! I find that blogging about goals gives me that extra motivation and accountability that I need to actually get them done, and I am thrilled to […]

Setting Goals for December 2013!

The kids and I have been busier than ever with Christmas preparations as we prepare for their first-ever Christmas with no snow! I think we’re compensating for being in a new place and missing snow (but not the cold that goes with snow!) We set up our tree early, and it’s been fun to see […]