World Culture for Kids: Iceland!

Today’s world culture for kids post is all about Iceland, courtesy of Sandi, a kindergarten teacher who wears rubberboots and elf shoes. Right now she and her husband (who takes the non-Pete photos) have packed their backpacks and are spending 99 days travelling and enjoying new experiences. Check out these three posts from Sandi’s blog: […]

World Culture for Kids: Munich, Germany


  We’re visiting beautiful Munich, Germany for today’s world culture post! Post author Lori is a mother to one brilliant five-year-old girl and a piano teacher. She loves exploring the world, reading and writing novels, cooking, and playing music of all kinds. She is from the United States, but lived in Munich, Germany, for two […]

Australia in Action: A Yoga-Inspired World Culture Tour for Kids (Part 2)


Today is part two of our yoga-inspired visit to Australia  for kids with Giselle Shardlow, the author of Kids Yoga Stories. Her yoga-inspired children’s books get children moving, learning, and having fun. Giselle draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom to write her stories found at or on Amazon. Australia […]

Exploring Geography: Southwest Washington State

Explore Southwest Washington State today, with Kendall from Home Learning Journey (blog is now closed)! Kendall is a stay at home mom to her two, almost three children.  She married her high school sweetheart and could not be any happier where life has taken them.  Kendall is a firm believer that children can learn at […]

Exploring Geography: Kenya–Maasai people living in the Northern Rift Valley

Today we are visiting the Maasai people of the Northern Rift Valley in Kenya, thanks to Michelle McInerney, aka Michelle’s biography is below – and here are three posts I think you should all visit from her blog: Button House for Fairies, Circus In My Pocket, and Shoe Box Puppet Theatre. Michelle McInerney aka […]

Exploring Geography: An Introduction to New York City for Kids

Today we’re “visiting” New York City courtesy of Erica (aka Mom and Kiddo). Erica loves living in the Big Apple because the variety and diversity of life here makes every day a new experience. She blogs at What Do We Do All Day? about easy ways to keep kids entertained with books, food and learning […]

Exploring Geography: Wales

Today we’re visiting Wales for the Exploring Geography series! Guest author Alyson usually writes for World Travel Family about her family’s adventures exploring the world. She now lives in Australia, but was born in Newport, Wales and lived in Cardiff . She has two young children and travels extensively. The family are about to embark […]