Make a Skirt a Day: Book Review


Pattern drafting is something I have enjoyed playing around with since I was a teenager. Many, many months ago – right when we first got to California – I was sent a review copy of Nicole Smith’s delightful pattern drafting book, Skirt a Day (affiliate link – items purchased through this link may earn this […]

Clever Food Storage for Your Fridge

Economical food storage that maximizes shelf space My mom is a very resourceful person. You have to be when you raise ten children in eight different countries. She can fit more dishes than you would ever think possible into a dishwasher, and have them all come out clean. She taught me how to get stains […]

Quirk Books: Home Economics, Bento Boxes, and Tiny Food

We’ve been enjoying these fun reads from Quirk Books. I thought they would be interesting and haven’t been disappointed – maybe some of you will like then too! Quirk books specializes in quirky reads, and I find them to be a lot of fun! Home Economics takes vintage homemaking advice and republishes it for the […]

My Cloth Diaper Solution

I’ve been using cloth diapers since Emma was nine or ten months old, and and after four kids and six years’ worth of experimentation I’ve finally found a solution that works really well for us – day and night! After trying nearly every kind of cloth diaper available (pockets, all-in-ones, prefolds, flats, velcro, snaps) and […]

Use Fleece to Patch Clothing

I’ve written before about using fleece to patch clothing, but it’s such a favorite with my kids that I thought I would mention it again – and this skirt post has been sitting in my drafts folder for two and a half years! The skirt pictured above had a hole underneath the pink star. Odd […]