Hooray for Dads!


Happy Father’s Day! I am grateful to be married to a guy who is an awesome dad. Mike’s goofy sense of humor was one of the first things that caught my eye, and our kids love it as well. He understands the importance of hugs, storytelling, and spending time together as a family. Mike loves […]

Setting Goals for May 2014


April flew by, so I am glad we kept goals simple! Emma and Johnny had a lovely spring break, that new feels as if it were light years away, in spite of the month flying by so quickly. We spent loads of time outdoors – one benefit of having an indoor space that none of […]

Calvin and Hobbes

Seven-year-old Emma recently discovered Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. She tried reading it a few months ago, and declared that it made no sense; now she finds it hilarious! It’s funny to see kids grow up and change! Johnny has reminded me of Calvin for quite a while – most especially for his ability to […]

Kid Quotes: What Should I Dream About?

Johnny (five years old): What should I dream about so I don’t have scary dreams? Mama: How about puppies and kittens? Johnny: But if I dream about kittens, I might dream about them scratching me with their claws. Mama: Maybe you can dream about kittens who had their claws removed. Johnny: What? How would that […]

Playing Catch Up!

I have so many things that I want to write about and gorgeous (non-phone-camera!) photos to share, but boxes are still not unpacked (they are getting there – you can FINALLY walk through the kitchen!) and things may stay a little crazy here for the next little bit. Overall, things are good. Our house (which […]

October Goals 2013!

My goal for September was to live in the moment – and I’m very glad I did! We had a lovely trip across the country that lasted nearly the entire month, and now I’m living in a sea of boxes, trying to work out where to put everything in a new home with a very […]