Gifts Kids Can Make: Handmade Jewelry

Artterro sent us their wool felt wearables kit when we sent over some of their gorgeous art journals for my four kids, and Emma has enjoyed using the kit to explore the world of handmade jewelry – although I realized, putting together this post, that she has hardly touched the wool portion of the kit […]

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Carving! + Flash Giveaway

We have decorated pumpkins every year for Halloween, but this was the first year that we carved them! Pumpkin Masters kindly sent us some tools that made the process super easy – and I have a flash giveaway running for any US readers who would like to give them a go! The kits we were […]

Making Bouncy Balls!

There are a few ways of making bouncy balls at home, but this kit from ALEX Toys is definitely the easiest I’ve seen! Since I blog for ALEX Toys, we get sent a bunch of their products to try; we received a mini version of this kit in the Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff Kid Concoctions […]

Building Musical Instruments with Wummelbox!

We’ve had the chance to try out a few of the subscription craft kits for kids that are so popular right now, and this Wummelbox music kit that we were sent to review really stands out to me because of the way it got my kids crafting and thinking in new ways! Our kit came […]

Rainy Day Fun for Kids: ALEX Toys Tape Town

I love blogging for ALEX Toys, because it means I get wonderful craft activities that make for rainy day fun for my kids! This Tape Town kit was a wonderful creative outlet for my kids. They spent well over an hour setting up, and they have played with it several times since they first built […]