Activities for Babies: Stacking Cups


Baby toys are fantastic, but I find that everyday household objects can also be used to create highly engaging activities for babies! Emma’s favorite baby toy was a clear plastic shampoo bottle – she loved to watch the air bubble go up and down! Anna saw these cups that were left over from Johnny’s birthday […]

Birth Stories and Identity

Having my first baby was easy – to the extent that having a baby can be easy. I can’t say the same of the other three. Pregnancies got easier with each child; actually delivering the child got harder. The contrast – which many people have felt the need to point out to me, most frustratingly […]

Best First Baby Foods: Baby-Tested Favorites

I remember feeling a little bewildered when I started my first baby on solid foods. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there for moms – what to feed babies, when to feed them, how often to feed them – basically, you won’t find a solution that will make everyone happy! Here are a […]

Baby Sign Language

When we moved to Massachusetts, Emma (now seven years old) was nine months old. I decided that I wanted to teach her sign language. I taught myself a bunch of signs frequently used with babies, and she learned along with me – with great success! By the time she was 18 months old she could […]

Reading with Babies and Board Books for Babies

It’s never too early to introduce a baby to books! Seven-month-old Anna has a basket of board books at our house, and she LOVES them! Here are a few things I’ve learned about reading with babies: Have fun! Babyhood is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be appreciated as a comedian. Every baby I know adores it […]