Nurturing Creativity


Disney Interactive teamed up with Google to launch charming short film called Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story that you can watch for free. We watched it with the kids when it first came out on Valentine’s Day, and it’s a delightful story about Blank, an unpainted Vinylmation (Disney collectible), who goes on an epic journey […]

Encouraging Creativity with High Quality Art Materials

Nothing inspires creativity like new art supplies! Artterro recently sent us their gorgeous art journal kits, and the kids have been drawing every since – even fourteen-month-old Anna – special thanks to Artterro for including her in our package! There is something incredibly inviting about blank sheets of white paper, especially art-quality paper! My kids […]

Gifts Kids can Make: Spin Art

I’m always looking for simple gifts my kids can make. Spin Art is a perfect gift-able kid craft – it looks neat, and it is simple and fun enough that kids will happily mass-produce art in this way for, say, thank you cards! I also like to take multiple cards and frame them as a […]

Exploring Bolivia Through Art and Music

I loved seeing artwork from the places my family has lived when I visited them with the kids last month! These two paintings are from Bolivia, and they represent life as I saw it when we lived there! The hut above is like many that are on the Altiplano, and we always saw alpacas and […]

Art for Kids: Seeking Inspiration

My five-year-old son loves to draw – and he spends several hours engaged in drawing. Most of his drawings come from inside his head somewhere, but I’ve noticed that he really craves examples of drawing to imitate. The problem is, I never took art (not even at school, apart from one very cool sculpture class in […]