Needle Felting Pictures


I have wanted to try needle felting for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to finding supplies and figuring out what exactly I needed to do. So, when Artterro asked if I wanted to review their needle felting kit as part of their brand relaunch I said “Yes, please!” I have written about Artterro products […]

Favorite Arts and Crafts for Kids from the After School Team

It’s school vacation week! In order to focus on spending time with our families, the other After School cohosts and I decided to take this Monday and next (12/30) off from hosting the After School linky – but we will leave last week’s linky open, so you can continue to add your activities!  We want […]

Encouraging Creativity with High Quality Art Materials

Nothing inspires creativity like new art supplies! Artterro recently sent us their gorgeous art journal kits, and the kids have been drawing every since – even fourteen-month-old Anna – special thanks to Artterro for including her in our package! There is something incredibly inviting about blank sheets of white paper, especially art-quality paper! My kids […]

Gifts Kids can Make: Spin Art

I’m always looking for simple gifts my kids can make. Spin Art is a perfect gift-able kid craft – it looks neat, and it is simple and fun enough that kids will happily mass-produce art in this way for, say, thank you cards! I also like to take multiple cards and frame them as a […]

Creative Play Dough Art and Best Play Dough Recipe

Mixing Media for Creativity, and the BEST Play Dough Recipe! I adore the creativity that comes out with regular play dough play, and adding in a few extra materials opens the door to so may new options! I fell in love with these little guys that Johnny made using play dough, paper, and googley eyes! […]

Art for Kids: Seeking Inspiration

My five-year-old son loves to draw – and he spends several hours engaged in drawing. Most of his drawings come from inside his head somewhere, but I’ve noticed that he really craves examples of drawing to imitate. The problem is, I never took art (not even at school, apart from one very cool sculpture class in […]

World Culture for Kids: Chicago Skyline Art for Kids

Today’s Exploring Geography post is an introduction to the Chicago skyline via a very cool little art project for kids! Jeanette Nyberg is a creative mom living with her 2 kids, 2 step kids, and 1 husband in a suburb of Chicago. She tries to incorporate art-making into every day of her kids’ lives, and […]

No-Mess Finger Paint for Kids!

This no-mess finger paint solution is a favorite in my house, as longtime readers know! I decided to introduce the other moms in my town to it through the craft series I’ve been running at our library instead of cleaning my house. Lily picked yellow and red, which turned out to be my favorite color […]

Quick and Easy Kids Crafts: Tissue Paper and Contact Paper

I like to use mixed media kids crafts to get my kids thinking creatively! I run monthly kids craft sessions for my local mother’s club, and we recently made the always-popular tissue paper collages. Johnny (five years old) and Lily (three years old) were thrilled to put theirs up on the window when we got […]

Super Simple Easter Eggs

I had planned to decorate Easter eggs with crayon shavings again this year, but when Saturday dawned beautiful and not-freezing we decided to spend the day at Old Sturbridge Village instead. We had a wonderful time there, seeing newborn lambs and learning about maple syrup. We didn’t get around to boiling eggs until Sunday evening, […]