Simple, Fun, Waiting Room Game for Kids

sheep-duck, drawn by Mike and Emma

I’m always looking for games to keep kids entertained in waiting rooms, on airplanes, and during unexpected delays. This fun and simple drawing game is one Mike’s mom used with him as a kid, and it has become our favorite waiting room game for kids.

It’s simple! Take a sheet of paper and a pen/crayon/marker. Fold it in half. Without letting the other person see, draw half of something, like this:

simple drawing game for kids

Extend the lines slightly past the fold, and pass the paper to the other player, with the side you extended the lines onto facing up. Their job is to extend those lines into something of their own choosing, like this:
sheep drawing with mystery legs

And so, you get the entertaining sheep-duck featured at the top of this post! Here are a few other favorite creations:

chicken-cow drawing

Did you ever see a chicken cow?

goat clown drawing

How about a goat clown? Or an airplane blimp?

airplane blimp drawing

What are your favorite ways to entertain kids when they have to sit and wait?


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    That’s a fun game. We sometimes do simple mazes that I draw for Logan. We were there right before Christmas so we did Santa to the house.. really simple sketches. older kids could even draw them and trade to solve.


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