Silk Screening for Kids

silk screening for kids with ALEX Toys

I’ve always been curious about silk screening, so when I learned that ALEX Toys made a children’s Silk Screen Factory, I knew it would be fun to try out! My girls loved this project! It’s very simple: set the silk sheet in the frame, add your stencil, place the frame over the fabric you want to silk screen, and print your design!

painting shirts - silk screen method

I helped six-year-old Emma get the silk sheet into the frame, but she was able to do everything else on her own! The kit is recommended for ages 7 and up, and I think Emma will be able to do the entire process on her own soon.

silk screening for kids


Three-year-old Lily (who think she is five or six) needed more help with set-up – and, of course, a lot more supervision – but the process is so simple that she could do most of the actual printing on her own – as you can see in this video:


It is probably better to not press down quite so hard with the squeegee – I think that adds wear and tear to the silk sheets, which means they then don’t last as long.

You can choose to use a little less paint to get an artistic blurring on the edges, like this:

silkscreened shirt

Or you can use more paint and get a solid image the entire way through, like Lily’s butterfly:


Set-up takes a few seconds, but it is extremely easy to print the same stencil on several items. We made shirts with ours, but you can use it on paper as well as fabric.

Both girls were so pleased with the finished product, and they are making plans for their next silk screening session!

I received the Silk Screen Factory for free as a blogger for ALEX Toys. All opinions are my own.


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