Sick week–not all bad (week in review)

flowers from Mike

This week started off a little rough. Mike was leaving on a business trip, and we had two (soon to be three) sick kids. He picked the right time to randomly buy me flowers!

Johnny also enjoyed this drawing lesson before Mike left:

Johnny's drawing Mike's drawing

The drawings on the left are Johnny’s; those on the right are Mike’s.

snowman in an apple

Emma continued to make food into art. This snowman apple may remind longtime readers of her heart apple.

don't smoke by Emma

Emma brought this paper home from school on Monday. It reads (with standard spelling): “You should not smoke. If you smoke your lungs will turn black.”

Tuesday I took Emma to school again. She seemed fine, but I had to turn around and pick her up an hour later. She apparently started crying about 40 minutes into the day, and when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong they took her to the nurse. Turns out she had a fever! I kept Johnny home from school sick on Monday, sent him Tuesday, but by Tuesday night he had a fever again. So everyone was home sick for the rest of the week! I’m not a fan of this virus, but it’s better than the stomach flu I keep hearing about from friends!

homemade presents for Emma's birthday

Johnny and Lily made birthday presents for Emma and Emma helped them make cards. I think she helped wrap the presents, also. They are made entirely out of recyclables.

homemade jewelry for Lily

Emma made Lily feel like a princess with this yarn crown and bracelet!

messy play

The kids made some BIG messes (which they get to clean up). I do love, though, that in this picture you can see four different handmade toys: a decorate-a-monster, Johnny’s uglydoll-inspired softie, the sewn-by-dad Tow Mater, and Johnny’s owie doll. Our handmade toys get at least as much play as the store-bought ones, particularly by Johnny!

siblings reading together

We read a LOT of books, with all three kids under the weather. It also turned out to be the perfect week to have finally gotten the movie Cars from the library!

Emma writing a joke book

Emma is working on her first book – a collection of jokes. And I took a photo of this drawing because I found it utterly charming:

elephant sitting on a wall by Johnny

Johnny explained that it is “an elephant on a wall. NOT Humpty Dumpty on a wall.” I love the face on his elephant!

I always love seeing posts from this blog inspire play in other households, and this week I saw three! Dinosaurs and Octopuses incorporated a more sophisticated version of our toy teeter totter into a fantastic rock playground, My Creative Family created a fantastic snow playscape after seeing our post about bringing snow indoors, and The Hippie Housewife made a color-mixing version of our mess-free finger paint!

How was your week? Share your post at the AfterSchool blog hop, hosted this week by Little Wonders’ Days!


    • maryanne says

      I love his drawings! Down to just me and Lily sick now – and a not-too-bad cold for both of us. WAY better than last week and the week before!

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