Science for Littles: Camouflage

A well-camouflaged moth

We were playing outside when Emma nearly stepped on this moth, prompting a discussion of camouflage and how many animals are designed to blend into local vegetation. I brought out our magnifying glass, and all three kids examined the moth closely:

Looking at a well-camouflaged moth
Then they found a bunch of other things to look at through the magnifying glass:

Johnny picks a leaf to look at through the magnifying glass

And eventually turned to general goofiness:

Emma clowns around with the magnifying glass
We put the magnifying glass away when they decided to see how far its hinges would bend in the wrong direction…

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  1. maryanne says

    @Two Chicks and a Hen – Great kids think alike? =)

    It is a great magnifying glass, it took me a while to hunt it down, but I’m glad I did! It even folds flat for storage – which, of course, is why it HAS hinges to bend…

  2. says

    There is no better activity here then when we pull out our magnifying glass. Selena just absolutely loves using hers. What a great way to explore camouflage!


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