Making Pizza with Kids: Pizza Dough Science

examining dry yeast and getting ready to make some pizza dough!

Homemade pizza turned into the perfect science lesson Saturday afternoon! Normally I throw the ingredients in the bread maker, but I decided to make it by hand. I’m so glad I did – it wasn’t that much extra work, and making pizza with the kids provided so many learning opportunities!

watching the yeast sink into the sugar water solution

All three kids were fascinated by the texture of the dry yeast, and Lily especially was amazed at the way it sank into the sugar water solution. Johnny was very worried that the yeast would drown in the water. I explained that the sugar water was giving the yeast energy, instead of drowning it!

examining foam in the yeast + sugar + water solution

Emma thought the foam created by the carbon dioxide that is released as the yeast metabolizes sugar was cool! Johnny found it very strange.

Stirring the dough

Stirring the yeast solution into the flour was a very popular activity! I only got photos of Emma stirring, because Johnny and Lily require a little extra supervision, but they got plenty of turns!

Sampling the dough

Tasting dough was also very popular! Johnny was actually a bit disappointed when we turned it into pizza, although that didn’t stop him from eating plenty of pizza!


  1. says

    Can you believe I have never made pizza dough!
    I really need to get on the ball…my kids would love it also!
    I love how you turned it into a lesson! :)

  2. says

    We must have a slightly different pizza recipe since ours involves only water and yeast which is mixed later with flour, salt and sugar. Anna loves to help out with self-made pizza too but only eats the dough :(


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