Parenting Three

my three beautiful children

Things I love about having a seventeen-month-old:

  • Smiles, smiles, smiles!
  • So many hugs and kisses
  • Gravity-defying ponytails
  • Watching her learn and grow with her brother and sister

Things I love about having a three-year-old:

  • Suddenly emerging skills ā€“ last weekend he started printing letters!
  • Laughter
  • Watching him play with his sisters
  • Gaining more insight into his mind through new vocabulary and descriptive ability

Things I love about having a nearly-five-year-old:

  • Watching her embrace the role of big sister as she enjoys teaching her younger brother and sister
  • Learning to read and write
  • Empathy
  • More personality every day

Things Iā€™d love to learn more about

  • Getting kids to sleep through the night ā€“ Emma nearly always does, but the other two are up. Every. Single. Night.
  • Keeping kids active indoors on cold winter days
  • Whining elimination

Someday my house will stay clean, I will sleep through the night, and the only whining will be my own inner complaining. And then how I will miss these three little faces!


  1. says

    I love this picture of the kids all dressed up. Lily’s pigtails are adorable Mary Anne! I like how you’ve listed all that you like about each one at their current ages too.

  2. Rachel says

    So fun to see you all the other day! As for sleep–we sleep with Justin and that works. I have a friend who has her two sleep together in one bed and they sleep through the night, but if they’re just in teh same room they don’t…you could try that? As for whining…when I say “don’t whine” it doesn’t sink in, but when I give him a positive alternative it often works (e.g. “ask for that with a please instead of whining please”). Emphasis on the often rather than always :)

  3. says

    Bear sleeps through the night because she sleeps with us. J-jo wakes up and I need to move to his bed (he sleeps in a queen size bed in his room for this purpose). After he nurses once, he falls back to sleep. If I stay with him he sleeps through. Not the ideal situation, but at least we get more sleep. I love lily’s ponytails! We have a (plastic Little Tykes) slide in our house and it is tremendous to burn off energy. We also play chase around our “circle” – does your house have a “circle” through rooms -does this make sense? singing, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man. This is also fantastic.


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