14 Cows for America

14 Cows for America

I’m thrilled to be part of the Read Around the World summer series from the Multicultural Kid Blogs – a series that allows followers to travel the world through books from many countries and cultures. Today is my day to choose a book! The book I selected, 14 Cows for America (affiliate link), commemorates September 11th […]

Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Nurture Independence


  Nurturing independence is a huge piece of getting kids ready for kindergarten – one I find especially important for my wonderful little velcro kids! Here are three things I do to nurture independence: I give my children lots of opportunities to try things out on their own, encourage them to help others, and provide […]

Setting Monthly Goals: July 2014


Happy July! June was a fun and busy month for my family! We thoroughly enjoyed a more relaxed schedule with school out for the year. No more running from school to school for me! We enjoyed spending time with friends and family. My kids are particularly enchanted by their baby cousin V! We are at […]

Fun Math for Kids: Pattern Blocks Play

Pattern blocks are one of the greatest educational toys out there - perfect for children to playfully explore shapes, angles, and engineering.

Pattern blocks are one of my all-time favorite learning tools for kids! They allow kids to explore colors, shapes, angles, symmetry, balance, and much, much more! I played with these as a kid, and my kids pull our sets out all the time. The 3D sculpture above was one of their more impressive creations, put […]

Nurturing Creativity: Time, Space, and Respect


I have discovered three key ingredients for nurturing creativity – in children and adults. To be creative, we all need time, space, and respect. Last year I bought these wooden bird houses for my kids to turn into doll houses. My kids enjoyed the activity, but they kept their houses very simple. Lily actually refused […]

Every Child is Extraordinary


Every child is extraordinary! Growing up with nine siblings, my parents always commented on how different each of us were – from the very beginning. I see the same thing with my own four children. From the very  beginning, each one of my children has been unique! Each child has added something wonderful to our […]

Ready for Kindergarten: Social and Emotional Intelligence


  Last year I ran a series teamed up with several blog friends to run a series on getting kids ready for kindergarten, and – since Lily will be my third child to start Kindergarten this fall (how do they grow up so fast?!), I’m participating in the same series again this year! We will […]

Using Color to Make Learning Fun for Kids!


I’ve learned that one of the easiest ways to get kids interested in learning is by finding a way to capture their attention visually, so I was thrilled when Astrobrights asked if I would like to talk about using their colorful papers to make learning fun for kids. Color makes a big difference in education! […]