Organic Gardening: Do You Have an Organic Garden?

Creating an organic garden - a series sponsored by The Home Depot. #DigIn

I’m very thrilled to be partnering with The Home Depot for a series on organic gardening this spring! We started gathering our organic vegetable gardening supplies last fall, when we raked up our leaves:


Jumping in the leaves is super fun, it’s fantastic exercise, AND it compacts the leaves so that they fit in the compost bin a little better! We put them in our compost bin to turn into dirt during our LONG (sort of still hanging in there) winter:


We haven’t purchased plants or seeds yet for this year – we’ll do that once we are home from sunny Florida. I’m planning to have each of the kids take care of their own tomato plant this year, and we will add some other plants as well. Sugar snap peas (see the top photo from this post) are my personal favorite, so they will definitely make the list! Do you have other plants that you recommend we grow?

We have pulled the plants from last year out of our raised garden beds – I just need to add the soil from the compost bin to top it off.

raised garden bed planter

The kids are super excited about gardening with their new rakes and shovels that they will be using to help in the garden! I love that organic gardening is also kid-friendly gardening – no worrying about chemicals! I also love gardening since it is a fun thing for me to do while I watch the kids in the yard. And even my normally-fussy eater is eager to eat vegetables from our home garden!


I have a copy of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening out from the library (thank you, Elisa, for the recommendation!), and hope that that will help me maximize our gardening space!

Are you going to be growing an organic garden this spring? Do you have any organic gardening tips to share?

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    I have never had a garden, but I would love to do the raised garden like yours. Did you purchase the pieces or build it? I think I remember an old post about it, but I’m not sure. I’m completely clueless and have a black thumb, but I know my kids would love it.

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    It’s so wonderful that you make your own compost. Please post on that. Is it difficult? Smelly? Do you need a big yard? Do animals get into it? I’d love to hear about your experience! Then, I might try it too but we have a very small yard.

    • says

      I’ll have to write a post about it! It is pretty easy and doesn’t stink, and you do not need a large yard. We only had an animal problem with ours once, and that is because a deer (accidentally, I think) jumped on it and broke our bin!

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    I haven’t done any successful gardening with the kids yet but I know they would love it. My sister composed and had a great garden a couple years ago. It was a real Cape Cod one too with seaweed mulch!

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    I read Square Foot Gardening and would love to try it out. The book makes it all sound so easy. I’m hoping we will be able to keep a garden wherever we end up next. I’m pretty terrible at growing things (except zucchini which I’ve been successful with) but I love trying.

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    I’m experimenting with square foot gardening this year. I finally built a raised bed in the only spot in our back yard that gets both reasonable sun, isn’t on our tiny lawn, and that I can get water to when I am on vacation. I bought wood for two, but decided that there was only one spot that met the criteria, I have to see if I can fix the water part, and then perhaps there will be room for two. April is well into the growing season here, our tomatoes are doing great! So are our cucumbers and beans. I’m trying to grow a watermellon this year, that was what Rebecca wanted. We’ll see. Unfortunately nothing I planted from seed has really sprouted, because the squirels keep digging through the bed, probably to get not fully composted compost bits. Seems to have slowed down so perhaps it is time to re-seed!

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