No-Mess Finger Paint for Kids!

no-mess finger painting for kids

This no-mess finger paint solution is a favorite in my house, as longtime readers know! I decided to introduce the other moms in my town to it through the craft series I’ve been running at our library instead of cleaning my house. Lily picked yellow and red, which turned out to be my favorite color combination for this activity – it looks like the sunset as the colors start to mix!

Here you can see Lily’s board, with the colors nearly completely mixed. Johnny has white and blue paint on his board, and Emma has red, blue, and white. These boards are fun for drawing, and practicing letters and spelling words!


We taped the tops shut with packing tape this time, and then taped them to pieces of cardboard, which turns it into a travel no-mess fingerpaint board! This craft works best with freezer ziploc bags, and if you have a kid who likes to get into things, I recommend adding a top coat of packing tape, which should make it indestructible for most kids. We did use washable paint, just in case, but we didn’t have any incidents during the craft session.



Anna got a turn with one of these as well, although I think she may have found the tape nearly as exciting as the paint!

Do you have an activity that you do with your kids over and over?


  1. Frances says

    Somehow I’m missing where to click or read to find the directions to do this. I understand it is paint inside a zip bag but other than that, what are the how-to details? Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says

    You can also use laminating pouches and use a hair straightener to seal the pouch so no sticky tape is needed to seal the activity and no mess :)
    Great idea and I will be giving it a go tomorrow :)
    Thank you x

  3. marisa says

    Just made this for my AP Play School today!!! Used the hair gel and food coloring :) Also Used Foodsaver bags so both ends are totally sealed!!! Super excited!


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