Learning to Read With BOB Books

Reading BOB Books on our Kindle

We own several sets of BOB Books, and they have played a strong role in my three older kids learning to read, so we were thrilled to review some of their new Kindle books (the same books you buy in print, but available for Kindle – links are affiliate links, and anything purchased through them may earn a small commission for this site. Thank you!). My kids adore the traditional print BOB Books – little Anna even went through a phase where she had to bring at least one BOB Book every where she went. She even slept with them! We will continue to read these boxed sets, but it’s wonderful to be able to read them on the go with our Kindle Fire! Johnny can easily read through most of the traditional BOB Books, and he will easily read through an entire set on our Kindle.

Learning to read with BOB Books

BOB Books are fabulous early readers for kids who want to have full command of the text that they read. The short stories gives early readers a nice sense of accomplishment. The plots are limited due to word choice, but my kids often find them entertainingly silly, and they enjoy the simple illustrations. We got the small BOB Books like the one that Anna is holding in the photo above from Scholastic’s book club; everywhere else they seem to come in the larger size that Johnny is reading.

Learning to read with BOB Books early readers

BOB Books also recently expanded their book offerings into more advanced level 1 readers. Johnny was so excited to see these first in the library, and then when we were sent a couple to review! The plots and text are more advanced, and the illustrations have more detail. I’m hoping that these will soon become available for the Kindle, also!

Do your kids love BOB Books? What books have your early readers loved?


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