Learning Laboratory: Preschool Game Day!

hula hoop ball at preschool game day

My son’s preschool is excellent, and their annual game day is always a highlight of the year! Emma and Lily got to come along to watch – and participate, in most of the activities. The hula hoop “basketball” setup was a favorite with both Emma and Johnny (Lily was velcro-ed to me at this point, and so didn’t participate).

T-ball on preschool game day

Johnny loved T-ball so much, that we invested in this batting tee for him to enjoy this summer. I think his sisters will have fun with it as well! He doesn’t know it exists, yet. Lily has been standing in as his backyard pitcher – a pastime I hope will continue after the batting tee arrives!

dancing with scarves at preschool game day

Dancing with scarves to music was Emma’s favorite part, while Lily was enthralled with beach balls. We have three beach balls to play with in our yard this summer!

beach ball fun at preschool game day

It was so fun to see all three kids participate together with other students and siblings for the goodbye song, gathered around a giant parachute!

parachute goodbye song at preschool game day

What are your favorite active, outdoor games for little ones?

learning laboratory at mama smiles

Learning Laboratory celebrates hands-on, creative, and fun learning for all ages. I hope you’ll share some of the fun learning that has been happening in your homes! Here are a few of my favorites from the posts that were linked up last week:


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    We are taking a parachute to Cambodia to play with our kids that we sponsor. I can’t wait to hear their laughter!!! :)

    I shared an older post (10 Little Rubber Ducks) this week as it goes perfect with your 5 Little Duck!

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    I have always encouraged my kids to be as energetic and positive as always. They loved engaging in any kind of outdoor sports as long as they get to play and enjoy with other kids. I love that picture where kids gathered around that giant parachute.


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