Learning Laboratory: Overcoming Bug Phobias

Looking for ants

My kids are slowly, but surely, overcoming their bug phobias! Here are a few things that have helped:

  • Letting them wear protective gear – like my gardening gloves on Emma, above.
  • Encouraging natural curiosity – even when it means they dig up part of the sidewalk searching for ants.
  • Examining bugs with them.
  • Borrowing lots of bug books from the library.
  • Spending time outside with them, with bugs around. Eating dinner and playing structured games outside is especially helpful – they have something to focus on other than the bugs.

Do you have kids with bug phobias? How have you coped?

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  1. says

    Those sound like really great ways to overcome bug phobias. There’s certain bugs the kids don’t like (mosquito eaters and june bugs) but after living in Africa, they love lizards. They would hold a lizard any day!

  2. says

    My kids like bugs too much. My daughter is always trying to pick up bugs and sometimes she is too brave for her own good. My eldest daughter even ate an ant before! I prefer that my children have a healthy fear of bugs. Maybe I need to create a little phobia in them. Lol.

  3. natalie says

    my twin 3 year old girls had a crazy bug phobia this spring, screaming and panicking to the point that they were hyperventilating. My husband decided to get an ant farm and it worked like magic!

  4. says

    All three of mine are afraid of bugs. Haven’t really found anything to help yet. Just last night, Christian was shucking an ear of sweet corn to feed her rabbit, when she freaked out over a silkworm!

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