Learn Planning, Patience, and Perseverance by Crafting

crafting can help kids learn planning, patience, and perseverance


Emma working on a needlepoint butterfly

We do a lot of crafts in our house. Mostly, we craft because I enjoy it and the kids enjoy it. But crafting has its benefits, too! Right now, my seven-year-old is crafting to make something beautiful, but she is also learning a lot about planning, patience, and perseverance. Take this pot holder. I helped her do the first two rows, and then she decided to take off on her own. She started off doing it exactly as she had been taught, but that was taking a very long time. And she thought the squares looked a little boring. Never mind what we had planned – she decided to take some shortcuts.


Using the ALEX Toys Loop N Loom kit

It looks pretty neat, right? Very creative. But – as anyone who has made this craft knows – if you pull it off the loom like this, all you get is a tangled mess.

At first, she wanted to leave it the way it was. We talked about what that would mean, and I offered to pull it off the frame so she could see. She decided to take my word for it, which meant redoing nearly every row. But she patiently persevered, and she is very proud of the result!


What has crafting taught you? Do you have a favorite pastime that you are passing on to your children?

The Simply Needlepoint – Butterfly and Loop N Loom kits featured in this post were sent to me as part of my ALEX Toys blogger agreement. All opinions are my own.


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    This is a very advanced craft for a 7 year old! Anna is not a crafty type (me neither), but we both enjoy other things together such as board games and reading :)

    • says

      Yes! I find that with most ALEX Toys products the age recommendation is more of a lower limit (i.e. the project would be too challenging for children under that age).

      Anna doesn’t like crafts much, and my kids aren’t into board games. And, honestly, I’m not terribly into board games either – so I guess our kids got the right parents :)


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