Kid Quotes: So Many Good Things


My kids are great at saying clever and funny things when I need a laugh. Here are a few favorite recent kid quotes!

Seven-year-old Emma, on a day when she was being especially helpful:
Mama, why do you think I’m doing so many good things today?

Hoping the kids won’t wake up the baby…
Mama: Don’t sit next to Anna, because I don’t want her to wake up.
Lily (three years old, with her hair in two ponytails): It’s okay if my ponytails sit next to Anna, because my ponytails don’t talk.

Talking about the Boston Marathon:
Emma : Dada, can you run that far?
Dada: No. I need to practice first.
Emma: Yeah. That’s a long ways. It’s like running to the shed [in our yard] and back 100 times!

Pretend play – Lily (three years old) is making two small fairies talk to each other:
Fairy 1: Bonjour! Do you know what that means?
Fairy 2: No!
Fairy 1: It means hello! In Spanish!

Emma: Cleaning looks like it should be fun, but it actually isn’t.

Lily walks in wearing a shirt I haven’t seen her wear much:
Mama: I like that shirt. It’s cute!
Lily: That’s why I picked it. And because it was the only shirt I could find.


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