Kid Quotes: Beautiful Leaves, Beautiful Me

Kid quotes from my three fun kiddos

My favorite recent kid quotes!

Walking to school:
Emma (6 years old): Mama! The leaves are so pretty!
Mama: Yes! They are beautiful!
Emma: Yep! Like me!

Dinner conversation:
Dada: Where did Mama come from? How did I find Mama?
Lily (3 years old): Nowhere. Just in the house.

Johnny (4.5 years old) and Lily (3 years old) are playing together:
Johnny: We’re going to Costco, to get a new sister.

Johnny wants a coloring page. I tell him I’ll get it for him once he cleans up his toys. He promptly tells Lily to clean up. She ignores him, so he comes to me:
Johnny: Lily wants a coloring page, but she’s not cleaning up.
Me: Are you cleaning up?
Johnny: No. I told Lily to clean up, but she’s not!


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