Journaling for Littles

journaling for littles

I think that providing a space for children to journal is one of the easiest ways to promote literacy in early childhood education! This is something my mother provided for me as a child, and it’s an activity my children enjoy from a very young age! All that is needed is a book – it can have lines, or blank pages. My children “write” (as two-year-old Lily is doing above), and draw – often narrating while they draw, as four-your-old Johnny is doing below:

promoting literacy: journaling for littles

These journals also make for wonderful childhood memories! I have my first journal, with a few entries my mother wrote in, then pages of scribbles, drawing, and even early written entries! It’s a fantastic record of my own early childhood! I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I find writing fairly intuitive as an adult – as well as the fact that I have kept a journal every day since the end of October, 2003 – and quite frequently leading up until then!

Do you have a journal from your childhood? Do you keep a journal now?


  1. says

    I was a journal writer in my childhood, but unfortunately I didn’t keep them when we came over here. I have a journal available for Anna, but she is not really interested to write and draw in it, for some reason it feels more like work for her. Maybe if we start journaling together, it might change…

    • maryanne says

      I think most of my childhood journal entries were done on Sunday afternoons when my mom sat us all down to write together :)

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