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how we met

Fifteen years ago this fall, I was walking to the first night of freshman orientation at my alma mater. Walking by yourself is boring, so I turned around to find someone to meet. Mike was about 10 feet behind me, with a cheerful smile, so I said hi! We had fun chatting on our way to the auditorium, and hung out together for most of the night. And that may have been the end, but we had been assigned to the same dorm, so we ran into each other again at breakfast, and again at the next orientation activity. Mike had spent summers on campus, so he offered to show me around. We never did run out of things to talk about, and the rest is history – maybe I’ll let Mike tell his much more detailed (and somewhat exaggerated but highly entertaining) version this September. :)

There’s a funny twist to this story. Dorm staff at our alma mater are required to recognize ALL incoming freshmen (for that dorm) by sight – when they arrive on campus. They get your picture in advance, along with some other info about your family and interests. Since memorization can get boring, they like to spice it up with games, including matchmaking bets. One staff member placed a bet that Mike and I would get together – and, from what I hear, made some nice income off that bet. The one thing we had in common based on the information we sent in? We were both biology nerds in high school!


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  1. says

    O.K., it’s kinda embarrassing but here goes. We met when we were in high school, I was a sophomore and he was a senior (we were at different schools). The embarrassing part is that I was working at McDonald’s at the time. He came in with his friends and came to my register. We talked, flirted, goofed around and he agreed to give me a ride home. He came to my house the next day and we hung out for a bit and I thought cool, this older guy is cute and kinda into me. Well, he totally surprised me with an amazing kiss and I will never forget it! 20+ years later he can still kiss me like that! Swoon!!

  2. says

    That was fun too read : )

    I met my husband at a work Christmas party almost 20 years ago! There was a group of coworkers that has a band that played that night and they needed a bass player so he played with them. He also sang. I went up after and complimented him on his singing and we started talking and like you never ran out of things to talk about : )

  3. Tammy Greene says

    Husband and I met in the 7th grade while at school one day. We had a mutual friend introduce us and we have been best friends since.

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