How to Organize Pinterest Boards

how to organize your pinterest boards

I adore Pinterest. And my 17-year-old sister tells me that blogging makes me a nerd! So I thought I would establish my nerd status for good by blogging about how to organize Pinterest boards!

I have WAY too many Pinterest boards. In my defense, fewer than half of them are actually mine. The rest are collaborative boards, because I like to collaborate. But 47 boards of my own plus 53 that belong to other people (yes, I added ten after taking that screenshot) makes a LOT of boards! It got to the point where I had no clue what boards I had, or how to find them. So I organized them, because that is way more fun than folding laundry. Here’s what I did:

organizing Pinterest boards

Step 1: Print out all your boards and cut them up. Organize them on the floor (or table). You can’t tell, but these are organized. I cut a few, too.

Making Pinterest storyboards

Step 2: Storyboard your boards by theme. I glued them onto construction paper with a glue stick, because that made it easier for me to visualize everything. I used blue paper for collaborative boards, and purple for my own.

Pinterest storyboards

Step 3: Organize your storyboards. I put all of my boards at the top, and tried to make them flow fairly seamlessly. The collaborative boards follow the same underlying organization as my individual boards.

Step 4: Get on the computer and move your actual boards. Be sure to save your changes frequently! And thank you, Jennifer, for that tip! Pinterest, if you are reading this, I would love to get around this entire rigmarole by being able to move board titles around (without having to deal with the images)

Thank you, Pragmatic Mom, for your input on my Pinterest organizing project! All the large thumbnail pictures for the boards shown in the top photo for this post are from this blog, except 10 Tips for Reading With Baby, which comes from The Pleasantest Thing. If you haven’t seen it, drop by for a visit. It’s a lovely blog!

How do you organize your Pinterest boards? And what is nerdier: writing a blog, or reading a blog? Writing and reading blogs?


  1. Kristi says

    Hi :) I’m also an organizing nerd. Not sure if someone else has suggested it yet, but I have to introduce you to one of my best friends, It looks almost like what you are doing there, except online. And it’s soo smooth and easy. I very much recommend checking it out. Especially since I just did this same thing on there ;)


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