Fun Science for Kids: Static Electricity

Static electricity for kids


Six-year-old Emma saw this packaging in a box and instantly remembered the classic static electricity science balloon experiment we had done a couple years before. She rubbed the packaging on her head a few times to give it a negative charge:

Static electricity: rubbing the packet against hair gives it a negative charge

And stuck it to the positively-charged wall. These little packets are super lightweight, and some of them stayed stuck to the wall for two days before falling down! It was a fun demonstration of contact-induced charge separation that I think my kids will remember for a long time! I also suspect that they’ll be doing this whenever we have this type of packaging in the house from now on. :)

Static electricity: the negatively charged packet sticks to the positively charged wall


Wikipedia has a great explanation of static electricity, if you are looking to learn more.

What fun science are you doing in your house?


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    2 days! Last year, Joshua did a science experiment with static electricity. So fun! We haven’t done any Science this week but last week we talked about metamorphosis and classifying living things.

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    What a neat trick! I have to show it to Anna! We’ve done a classic vinegar+soda+balloon experiment 2 weeks ago, and amazingly that balloon is still “alive”. Anna thinks it’s very special because no balloon survived for so long before.

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      That is really cute that Anna thinks the balloon is so special for surviving. Actually, I want to say that our recent vinegar + soda balloon lasted an unusually long time as well. I wonder if it was just chance or if the vinegar/baking soda actually has some special effect? Hmm, maybe a science experiment to try…

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    This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the idea. The comb next to running water isn’t super thrilling for my 3 year old. I’m sure he’d like the packaging bubbles sticking to the wall much better.

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