From Craft to Toy: Shrinky Dinks Fun!

coloring shrinky dinks made by ALEX Toys

My kids adore Shrinky Dinks – they love the magic of coloring a thin sheet of plastic and seeing it shrink down to a tiny charm (see the beetle on the 8.5×11-inch sheet of paper below – it started out roughly the same size as the bus Lily is coloring above).

Shrinky Dink kid-made game

One thing I like about Shrinky Dinks is that my kids use them as toys once they create them! This is a game Emma made. I don’t understand the strategy, but it involves math addition facts flash cards, and the beetle going around the maze to the center.

kid-made Shrinky Dink game

Johnny created this cute play scape for his monkey and fish – the fish is in a special fish tank. Can you spot the bathroom and the car on the left-hand side of the page?

Shrinky Dink playscape

Do your kids create games for their crafts?

The Shrinky Dink toys for this post were provided by ALEX Toys. All opinions are my own.


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