Five Little Ducks!

5 Little Ducks printable

This week I made a rare venture into semi-structured crafting with my kids, creating this simple printable free coloring page (see download link at the end of this post) to go along with Five Little Ducklings, one of the books that is free this week as part of the MeMeTales Summer Readathon. We read the book yesterday, and this morning I gave each kid the page, with no other instructions. It was fun to see what they did with it!

Six-year-old Emma stayed very traditional, coloring the ducks various shades of yellow. Each of the kids posed their own ducks for the photo shoot, and she picked a very orderly line-up of ducklings following their mama:

6yo coloring 5 Little Ducks printable

Four-year-old Johnny’s ducks have fantastic eyes (I had considered adding a single eye on each duck as part of the printable, and seeing this made me so glad that I hadn’t!) I’m particularly fond of the Picasso-esque duckling leading the group. Notice that he has the mama following the ducklings, instead of the other way around!

4yo coloring 5 Little Ducks printable

Two-year-old Lily’s duckling décor appears to be inspired by our child-decorated castle – which she was, incidentally, working on this past weekend. Her ducks have eyes, too, although they are a bit hard to spot. I can find them most easily on the mama duck, as well as the two lead babies. I thought it was interesting that she clustered her babies around the mama, instead of lining them up like her older siblings.

2yo coloring 5 Little Ducks printable

You can also cut these ducks out of felt to use on a felt or flannel board, or cut out two of each duck and let your child sew them together – either with stuffing in the middle, or random stitching the way we did these flowers and trees. Click on the image below to download the printable:

And, since it’s animal week for the MeMeTales Readathon, here are a few other animal-themed books that we adore:

Disclosure: We receive free copies of the Readathon books that I write about for the Readathon, and the books at the end of this post are linked through my Amazon Affiliate account.



  1. says

    LOVE how differently each of them made their ducks! That is the best part! Crafts can be individualized and open ended and that is what you have done here! Bravo!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase

  2. says

    I love Lily’s version of the ducks. I love how she made them so colorful (and yes, I noticed the cute little eyes too). Haha. It’s really adorable when our kids become imaginative and become artists on their own cute ways.

  3. Loretta says

    I love the print-out. Thanks. Did the children cut the ducks out themselves or did you cut them? I teack Pre-K and the children are doing pretty well with cutting, however, most of the things we cut are large in size. The duck are small and there are a few students that may have some difficulty.
    Can’t wait to use this with the children.

    • says

      My 4yo cut out his, but if you look at them (middle photo with the blue lines) he didn’t cut on the lines, but around. My 6yo was able to cut them out without any trouble, and I cut out the multicolored ones that my 2yo colored. The design of the ducks makes them a bit tricky to cut out if you are following the lines.


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