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children's drawings for their cousin

Valentine’s Day this week took a jolt when we learned that my brother’s four-day-old baby S had to have emergency surgery, that night. Luckily he came through without complications (definitely not a given with the problem he had) and is recovering beautifully. He’ll be in the hospital for a while yet, but is out of the NICU. All three kids drew S some pictures for him, and it was fun to see their perceptions of what a newborn baby would like. Lily’s drawings are on the left, Johnny’s in the middle, and Emma’s on the right. Johnny was positive that S’s favorite colors are green and brown, and all three kids agreed that he loves green – incidentally, his mother’s favorite color! We were very worried for a few days, and it is fantastic to see S doing so well!!!

Valentine's Day card for dad
Valentine's Day card for dad

Valentine’s Day was a Daddy love fest around here – Emma made him this card, and both she and Johnny worked hard on wall decorations. Emma’s heart (on the right) is a robot rendering of her heart guy. Johnny (photo on the left) cut out several random letters, but if you look closely you may be able to make out his robot guy at the bottom of his decorations, on the left center.

wall decor for Valentine's Day wall decor for Valentine's Day

Both Emma (left) and Johnny (right) drew family portraits for Valentine’s Day:

loving family on Valentine's Day loving family on Valentine's Day

Johnny was very busy drawing this week! He drew these two monster robots:

robot drawings by Johnny (aged 4)

And this very creative guy! I love the originality in Johnny’s drawings – and they they are very happy!

"guy" by Johnny (aged 4)

I bought my kids Melissa and Doug Sticker Collection books after reading about them at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learnspink for the girls and blue for Johnny. All three kids have thoroughly enjoyed them, but Johnny absolutely ADORES them! They’ve provided some great downtime for me over the past couple of weeks! I was especially happy to see that the boy version was (mostly) weapons free. I get so tired of weapons on boy toys – and my non-violent Johnny doesn’t like them either!

playing with stickers

I wish there were more books like these – my kids adore them, and it was so fun to hear the stories they made up to go along with their scenes! Do you have any sticker recommendations for me?

wild turkey

We’re still working on the Great Backyard Bird Count – I highly recommend participating, it’s free (you can even win prizes!) a lot of fun!

How was your week? Link up to the Afterschool Blog Hop, hosted this week at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!


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    What a scary thing for your whole family to go through! I hope Baby S is much, much better.

    I love your kids’ valentines! They’re always so creative!

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