Encouraging Kids to Love Books

encouraging kids to love books

Encouraging kids to love books is the first step in raising kids who love books, which then leads to raising readers! Luckily, this first step is pretty straightforward:

  • Read books yourself. It doesn’t matter what they are; kids will think books are important if they see you reading them yourself.
  • Have books around the house. We buy some books and borrow many more! We visit the library at least once a week.
  • Read with them. I find that sitting down with a picture book is one of the easiest ways to get my kids to snap out of a bad mood!
  • Have them tell you about the books they are reading. This tells kids that you are interested in the books they read. It also builds reading comprehension and narrative skills!
  • Start young. It’s great bonding time!
  • Don’t get frustrated if your child doesn’t automatically love books. Some of my kids loved being read to from an early age; others took time to really get into it. But they all love books now – even baby Anna, who was one of my kids who enjoyed books from the very beginning!
  • If you have more than one child, encourage them to read to each other. Right now, six-year-old Emma is helping five-year-old Johnny learn how to read, and they both love it. It’s great bonding time, and an excellent chance for readers to practice reading out loud. Three-year-old Lily often “reads” books to baby Anna, by describing the pictures or reciting memorized text from her favorite books.
  • Find books that interest them. We borrow Star Wars books and superhero books from the library every single week for five-year-old Johnny – and American Girl books for my six-year-old Emma.

How do you encourage your kids to love books? 


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    This is such an important topic and I think you are spot on in your bullets! We also like to go to different libraries in our area when we get in a reading rut.

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    It is so important to start when kids are young. I wonder if kids would like reading more if they were read to consistently when they were younger. I love books and we have started a fun collection for my firstborn. :)


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