Embracing Motherhood

Embracing Motherhood

With one-month-old Emma on (UK) Mother’s Day, 2006

Ways I fully enjoy my life and family:

  • Simplify – outings, commitments, belongings, activities
  • Memorize – expressions, feelings, moments
  • Invent – family traditions, games, stories
  • Live – in the moment
  • Engage – listen, play, lose track of time

What are your secrets to making the most of life and motherhood?

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Michelle | Print Posters says

    OMG it’s a cute little pinky in the air. I wanna glomp it up! hehe So cute :)

  2. says

    MaryAnne I just found this through Pinterest. I recognised you in the photo and clicked through. I’m so glad I did. This is absolutely beautiful. I’m doing a weekly parenting series on ways to connect with your children. I would love so much to link back to this post one week, if that would be ok with you?

  3. says

    Love that phrase – it’s a beautiful reminder to us that we need to slow down and live in the moment. I often remind myself that “the days are long, but the years are short”!


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