DIY armoire for doll clothes

cardboard armoire for doll clothes

Yesterday morning Emma came out looking like this:


She had hung all of her doll clothes on hangers, and wanted to know where she could keep them. It was time for a DIY armoire for doll clothes! I pulled a box out of the garage, took it apart, and cut off a couple of flaps so that it looked like this:

cardboard box ready to be folded into an armoire shape

I cut a couple of holes in the sides near the top, and stuck a cardboard tube I had been saving for the perfect project. Emma added her clothes:

doll clothes wardrobe

I like that it has a carry tab in the top so that it can easily be transported from room to room, but my favorite feature is the hours of entertainment it has already provided for my children. Hooray for cardboard!

It does look a bit bare – maybe Emma will glue some of her decoupage pieces to the outside as suggested by Katherine. Also, any ideas for keeping the doors shut?

Update: a reader suggested using a button and elastic to keep the door shut. Fantastic solution! Thank you, Jenn M.!


  1. Jenn M says

    What about a cute flower/heart button and a small piece of thin elastic? Button would be easy to sew onto the cardboard and same with elastic. Make a little loop closure. ??? :) Love the idea though, going to make one for my little one as well! Thanks


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