Learning to Read With BOB Books


We own several sets of BOB Books, and they have played a strong role in my three older kids learning to read, so we were thrilled to review some of their new Kindle books (the same books you buy in print, but available for Kindle – links are affiliate links, and anything purchased through them […]

Transporting Kids with the Taga Bike


I’ve written about our Taga Bike before, and how it can convert in under a minute (even with me doing the converting) from a bike to a stroller. Taga sent us their wooden double seat to review, and it has gotten a lot of use carting Lily to and from preschool! This sturdy seat has […]

Learning Through Play with Spielgaben


I first wrote about Spielgaben educational toys about a year ago; I’m back today to write about the new, three-tray presentation that we were sent to review – it is the same product, but a new presentation, and extended curriculum. Even if you missed my post last year, followers on Instagram will recognize this toy. […]

Organize, Find and Share Apps with App Social

This post was written as part of a partnership with Nokia, however all thoughts and opinions are mine. How do you find the best apps for your phone? I usually rely on word of mouth from friends and family along with trying to find the right key words within the app store. Nokia is revolutionizing […]

Taga: The Bike That’s a Stroller!

When we moved to California, we decided to become a one-car family. The area where we live is actually more bike-friendly than car-friendly! Mike bikes to work, and we are working on teaching our kids how to ride bikes, but one-year-old Anna is a long ways from learning how to ride a bike – she […]