Butterfly Crafting

butterfly craft
On Sunday, we decided to give another craft from the Small Hands Creating Hope book (only two days left to donate and get your copy!) a go.
These butterflies (ours are slightly different from the version in the book) were submitted by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots. I especially love the transparent wings!

drawing with sharpies on a laminating sheet
We didn’t have any plastic sheeting available to make wings, so I took a laminating pouch, opened it up, and had the kids color the inside with Sharpie pens. This has the added bonus that the pen ink is permanently enclosed inside the plastic.

four hand-crafted butterflies
Once the laminating pouch was sealed, we cut it into wing shapes, added pipe cleaner bodies and bead eyes, and it was time to play! The kids love that they can slide their fingers between the butterflies’ bodies and wings to easily carry them around:

wearing butterflies
Emma was even inspired to make up a (very quietly sung) butterfly song:


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