Build a Simple Cardboard House

simple cardboard play house

We play with cardboard a lot in our house, and this simple cardboard house is something we make nearly every time we finish a box of cereal! It’s quick, easy, and fun for the kids – turn the box wrong side out, cut out a door and a couple of windows, and they’re good to go! Sometimes the houses get decorated, and sometimes (like this time) the kids keep the plain cardboard façade.

imaginative play with a cardboard house

I love that something as simple as a cereal box makes for hours of imaginative play – and that this is a toy that I simply recycle after a few days of fun!

Here’s a slightly different cardboard play house, made from a regular shipping box. I like that the open roof on this version makes it into a more traditional doll house. And I love these cardboard cut-out facades from Inspiration Laboratories – which reminds me that this activity also makes a great follow-up for this week’s MeMeTales Readathon book, Doors in the Air.

What is your favorite thing to make out of cardboard?


  1. says

    Simple is the best!
    I love their house…I am sure they spent hours of imagination play, as they turned their house into a dream…in their heads! :)

  2. Baby Baskets says

    We run a business and therefore get lots of cardboard boxes. Our boys favourite play time is to make the box into a car. We use strips of cardboard to make circles for the wheels and steering wheel and cut out right angles to make opening doors. Then we decorate if we can be bothered. Great fun!

  3. says

    Ooh we love playing with boxes! My husband gives me a hard time for all the boxes we save. ;) Such a well written post about open ended and imaginative play! Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things can spark hours of play? Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

  4. says

    A great way for kids to enjoy their imagination. It’s simple yet I’m sure they would love playing with their new house toy.


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