Baby Play with Siblings: Baby School

Baby School

Baby school is a baby play idea that my kids invented – and I’m writing about it because I think it’s a great way for siblings to interact with a baby! The idea is very simple: the kids identify something they want to teach Anna about, and then they decide how to teach her. In this case, they cut out some pictures from a baby catalog to teach her about baby gear.

Catalog pictures only work if you have a baby like Anna who is content to watch and not eat, but this can be done with just about anything – play food from a kitchen (check for choking hazards first), wood blocks, and even baby toys. My kids have talked to Anna about colors, shapes, numbers, and sizes. They are practicing their own knowledge more than anything, but since they see themselves as teachers they interact with their baby sister in a particularly empathetic way – giving her plenty of space, waiting for her to react to what they are doing, and treating her with a lot of respect.

This (short) little clip captures both my “big” kids’ enthusiasm for the idea, as well as five-month-old Anna’s interest:

What are your favorite ways for siblings to interact with baby siblings?

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    I love that Emma and Johnny are so engaged with Anna. I think this is the best part of big families – younger kids get to learn not just from parents but also from their older siblings…


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