Awesome Homemade Gift for Kids: Cardboard Laptop

Homemade cardboard laptop

This cardboard laptop with interchangeable screens was the hit present at Johnny’s fourth birthday party, easily eclipsing the talking bear. I can’t take any credit from it – it was made by my brother B – who, incidentally, has apparently been given credit for the gifts Mike and I gave Johnny as well! That’s what happens when you bring the most awesome present!

The design is very simple – two sheets of cardboard for the top, one for the bottom. The top sheets are open at the sides so that the kids can make new screens and slide them in and out. Simple perfection!

Maybe B will start a Daddy blog and write a detailed tutorial when he meets his first baby in a few weeks. =)

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  1. S Brown says

    I want to try this and slide a dry erase board in the screen part! You can run off a keyboard from Google images.


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