Mama Smiles is a blog about finding joy in everyday parenting through creativity, learning, and play. This site features products and activities that encourage parent-child bonding, create fun learning opportunities, inspire positive sibling relationships, and build happy, healthy, connected families. I started this site as a creative outlet four years ago. It has grown into a wonderful place to share the things that make parenting rewarding, and to gain valuable insights and inspiration from my readers.

I recently moved my family from Boston to Silicon Valley, where I continue to enjoy life as the mother of four young, playful, curious, craft-loving children, aged 8, 6, 4, and 1. My passions include parenting, hands-on learning, and tools that encourage learning and creativity throughout life.

I have an undergraduate degree from Stanford University, where I studied organ and vocal performance. I also hold a master’s degree in education, also from Stanford University, with a foreign language teacher’s credential. I taught high school French before returning to graduate school for a PhD in medicine (from the University of Edinburgh), where I looked at programs that use music as therapy for children and to rebuild communities in post-war regions. I now use all three degrees on a daily basis (albeit in somewhat unusual ways) as the stay-at-home mother of four young children! Walk into my home on a random day and you will likely find me reading pictures books with my kids, crafting, playing with kids on the floor, or taking pictures.

As a survivor of pediatric cancer (30 years in May 2012!), I cherish each and every day of life.

Any patterns, templates, and recipes included on this site are my own original creations. Feel free to use them, but please give credit to this site – and share links to posts rather than copying instructions.

Do you have ideas for this blog, or are you interested in collaborating on a project? You can read my disclosure and review policy here, and reach me by email at mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com.

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